ANNUAL Limited Editions

The Art Publisher ANNUAL releases each year a magazine and limited editions and is devoted to the creativity and free expression of its contributors. Patricia Kishishian and Jean-Claude Ghenassia, Sobering Gallery’s directors created ANNUAL ten years ago. ANNUAL and Sobering are two complementary structures : the first one is dedicated to publishing and the second one is a space dedicated to the artists represented by the gallery.

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Sobering Galerie

Sobering gallery is a think tank, a place where artists work on new materials and forms and develop new topographies. Its program mainly focuses on two parts: the artists whose work analyses the states of the materials and pursues a research on forms and the artists that have a more conceptual position, who tirelessly endeavor to renew their modes of expression. The gallery has also created cross projects by giving the artists the opportunity to become curators of group exhibitions. Through these curatorial projects, sobering works with emerging artists, and keeps on supporting the artists that the gallery represents.