FADING AWAY – 22,48 m2


22/06 – 28/07/2018
vernissage vendredi 22/06/2018, 18h


22,48 m. is pleased to announce a new project related to the notion of the horizon, curated by Rosario Caltabiano and the philosopher Céline Flécheux.


The horizon is defined as the « place » where the earth and the sky meet. It is often linked to contemplation, and the ethereal. But it is also a very real presence, defining the limit of the viewer’s visual field, and constantly shifting along with him as he moves through space. In return, the horizon determines the place of the observer. Compared to the Renaissance, that period of time where the horizon became an artistic preoccupation, the situation has considerably changed. Not only can we stare at the Earth from the sky, but we can also travel virtually thanks to technology and screens, these new “windows open” on the world. Here we are, propelled miles away, considering a horizon that becomes so large that it disintegrates into the starry sky. Nevertheless, despite all the scientific and technological revolutions, the horizon is still a solid ramp and a landmark for fabulous artistic dreams.


If the horizon is mainly related to one’s view, based on the vertical position of the body, it also does appear as more than just a simple line and implies the other senses as well. It appears in the fading colors of the atmosphere, revealed by a light that makes us feel the expansion of the world in front of us. This « Fading away », going lighter and lighter into a distance with less and less consistency: is this the way we experiment the horizon today?


Vue d’exposition / exhibition view


Cécile Beau
Bianca Bondi
Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion
Jean-Baptiste Caron
Claire Chesnier
Caroline Delieutraz
Thierry Fournier
Jérôme Game
Carine Klonowski
Claudia Larcher
Lucie Le Bouder
Nicolas Maigret
Jeff McMillan
Jonathan Monaghan
Flora Moscovici
Bertrand Rigaux
Evan Roth
Géraud Soulhiol



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