Focus / Thomas Barbey

A rock. Its extremity points the ether and its thicker base merges into the stony ground. The giant stone opens its gaping mouth. Cloudy sky light emphasizes the reliefs of its armour. Is it a shadow or a cavity ? Blackness […]

Focus / Thomas Baumann

In his treatise Principles of movement and equilibrium as an introduction to mechanics and physics, Jean Trabaud defines the equilibrium as « the state of many forces and powers which act ones against the others in such a way that everything […]

Focus / Viet Bang Pham

Carried along in the furrows of coloured waves, the gaze gets lost in black punctuations stippling the work. However, splashing and springing colors leave a muddled impression: their swarm wipes out the spontaneous gaiety they spread. This movement, far away […]

Focus / Lorenzo Puglisi

« Being can generate only being and if man is enclosed in this process of generation, only being will come out of him. » Besides, human reality can’t exclude the mass of being, but « man’s relation with being is what can be […]

Seances: Three Fragments

Because attending an exhibition with an imposed duration is a bit like when he’s ready to launch into a film, concert or play and has a specific time period set apart for that, outside the usual sequence of time. The […]

One side of Broadway

In 1910, Rudolph De Leeuw, a publisher in New York City, photographed every building on Broadway in Manhattan from Bowling Green to Central Park and published the photographs in a book called Both Sides of Broadway. In his introduction, De […]

Danh Vo

This is only a short extract, the full conversation is available in the fifth issue of Annual Magazine. Shop it here! Chris Wiley: Your most recent works constitute something of a shift in your thematic focus, away from the history of French colonialism […]

Patrick Hill

On August 4, 2012 I interviewed Kirk Putnam in his garage in West Hills, California. Kirk is deeply involved with a small community of surfers who ride a very unique kind of surfboard, the Displacement Hull. The beginning of this […]

Simon Starling

Fabian Stech: You have also a kind of a scientific approach. When you are working, your research is often based on science. Simon Starling: It has something to do with curiosity I suppose. To find out why something is like […]

Untitled (and of summer)

Condensing and synthesizing experience into simple, dynamic forms – that’s the challenge. The manifestation can often seem quite simple; that doesn’t mean it’s a simple concept. I used these elements as a way of projecting whatever my sense of the […]

Circle Stories

À 7 ans, Claire Zeller croit au cercle, à la sphère et à la spirale. Comme le docteur Mensendick, Claire Zeller est avant tout à la recherche de la tension dans le mouvement, à la poursuite attentive et bienveillante d’une […]

Rosa Barba

Timothée Chaillou: Talking aboutCoro Spezzato: The Future Lasts One Day(2009), you once said that ‘the installation consists of five 16mm projectors forming a chorus. The idea behind the installation is the Venetian polychoral style of the late Renaissance and early […]

Guillaume Bijl

Timothée Chaillou: What does the pedestal/podium evoke for you? What does it allow you to achieve? Guillaume Bijl: I have sometimes used pedestals or podiums to accentuate the realism of my form of realism – in installations like Miss Hamburg […]

Apichatpong Weerasethakul

This is only a short extract, the full conversation is available in the fifth issue of Annual Magazine. Shop it here! Sylvain Menétrey: Your latest projects seem to intertwine around each other. Primitive (2009) was a prelude to Uncle Boonmee (2010). In Mekong Hotel (2012), we see you […]

Laurent Montaron

Laurent Montaron is a french artist, based in Paris. He is represented by the Schleicher + Lange gallery. In this interview, he talks about his last film Short study on the nature of things and gives us personnal thoughts about its relationship […]

Bertrand Lavier

Timothée Chaillou: To quote Victor Chklovski, ‘Art is a way of reliving the production of the object.’ Bertrand Lavier: I agree. There’s a widespread idea that Art is Life. Not to my mind. I feel that Art is something just next to […]

Xavier Veilhan

Timothée Chaillou: In the gardens of Versailles in 2009, you presented sculptures of architects who are important to you, using ‘pedestal frames’ – hollowed pedestals with only the framework remaining… Xavier Veilhan: It was a way of putting sculpture in the air, […]

R.H Quaytman

Jason Farago: You use the model of a book composed of chapters. But because you’re working through time, you know when you’re composing the later chapters what came before. R. H. Quaytman: Every artist thinks that way, I guess. As for me, […]

Jean Luc Blanc

Marie Maertens: Your paintings are always based on existing images, yet paradoxically you don’t have a computer or access to Internet – today’s source of images par excellence… Jean-Luc Blanc: Precisely, the choice makes you dizzy. I don’t use gimmicky digital research for my […]

John M Armleder

Timothée Chaillou : When it comes to painting a picture using a different color from the one you intended, is the result as valid as if it had been painted with the color you wanted? John M Armleder: Perhaps we should put it the […]

Adel Abdessemed

Paul Ardenne: Love can help pacify things… Adel Abdessemed: The negative and the positive co-exist in violence. The violence or impact of a work of art is always positive, as it never leaves us. My images are not closed. They […]

Elad Lassry

Aram Moshayedi: You have conducted quite a few interviews recently, and it seems more and more that a few ideas have already started to be repeated, even though the body of work has continued to shift its role and relationship […]

Conversation with Jim Shaw

Jim Shaw. Photo: Lee Ann Nickel. Jim Shaw: The End Is Here (7 October 2015–10 January 2016), the first New York survey show of Los Angeles-based artist Jim Shaw’s work, reads like a cabinet of curiosities as much as it […]

Blair Thurman

Left – Right – Straight ON The Fate of Abstract Painting in the Art of Blair Thurman ‘With the Great Game, there’s no going back. You only play once.’ ν Roger Gilbert-Lecomte: foreword to first issue of Le Grand Jeu, 1928 […]




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