Focus / Thomas Barbey

A rock. Its extremity points the ether and its thicker base merges into the stony ground. The giant stone opens its gaping mouth. Cloudy sky light emphasizes the reliefs of its armour. Is it a shadow or a cavity ? Blackness has the depth of an abysmal obscurity.

The rock in cloudy weather, drew by Thomas Barbey with Indian ink, reveals many faces. Anthropomorphically, it evokes a round-shouldered figure shattered by the sea winds.
Would it be Cambremer’s 1 sanctuary ? In order to expiate his son’s death, this character decided to expose himself to the ocean till he merged into the rock which sheltered him. Or, in the Romantic ideal, woud it be a silent figure contemplating the horizon ?

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Focus / Thomas Baumann

In his treatise Principles of movement and equilibrium as an introduction to mechanics and physics, Jean Trabaud defines the equilibrium as « the state of many forces and powers which act ones against the others in such a way that everything remains at rest »1, and thereby suggests Read more…