Exhibition “Mon coeur est ICI” – Anya Belyat Giunta

Solo Show
23 mai  30 juin 2018

In this solo exhibition at the Galerie Henri Chartier, Anya Belyat-Giunta reinterprets the 39 portraits of friends of Voltaire’s that are visible on the 2 engravings of Voltaire’s room at Château de Ferney. She has created a dreamlike space overrun by strange creatures. Born in 1975 in St. Petersburg, Anya left Russia with her family at the end of the Soviet era for Austria, then Italy and the United States. She studied art in Florence, Minneapolis and Toulouse before moving on to Lyon. She has an unbridled imagination from which phantasmagorical creatures are born. Her art usually deals with the great existential questions: birth, life and death. She invents her own mythology through the creation of hybrid characters.* “Some of Anya Belyat Giunta’s drawings are done with a fine line that brings out the tiniest details, some with more abstract, diluted flat tints. Her strange, ambiguous universe interrogates the enigma of the world, oscillating between catastrophe and rebirth, order and chaos, body and landscape, blackness and flesh pink.” Amélie Adamo, 2017 (release Collisions, galerie Putman




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