Triny Prada at the 56th Venice Biennale

Twenty one Murano glass sculptures form the mysterious heart of Invisible Powers, the work and installation of Triny Prada for the Bembo Palazzo. Leaned against a long wall and placed on small white shelves in two rows, these soft  and round shapes, each different from the other, reveal smooth, transparent and translucent parts, or on the contrary; slightly hazy, gently milky and barely opaque ones, following from the methods of Abate Zanetti’s studio and the techniques of the glass-maker Master Giancarlo Signoretto, who has brought into being, by his own breath, his glass creations for many years, from generation to generation.

Standing at a height of thirty centimeters, these ellipsoids -eggs, pebbles or white bubbles- invite the caress of the hand and yet maintain within their form a little secret. A golden drop floats in the matrix and in the space. A suspended drop in the glass material. Is it a hidden tear? Or a treasure exposed in the light?

Nothing is as subtly dual as this golden comma in its cocoon. Thus, sheltered, it captures light and condenses the soul and the reason behind Triny Prada’s sculpture. This radiant source of light, made of glass and golden specks, inaccessible to the touch but exposed to the eye, asking one to search with intuitive wonder at (search for or look at ?) what is slightly concealed, evokes for the artist, born in Colombia and living in Paris, the persistence of all forms of life. It is a glow. An ethereal and fragile sculpted breath. This form is so close to us, that little light is even in us.

detail triny
Triny Prada, Invisible Powers, 2015 Murano glass sculpture Variable dimensions

Passionate about scientific researches, an enthusiastic reader of studies on the cellular system and DNA mutations, or even speaking with a greed for knowledge and debate about biology and chemical processes related to water, magnetic force and light, the artist says : « My installation, Invisible Powers, aims to highlight the possibilities that life contains. » « The sculptures, she added, seem at first sight identical, but each of them has in reality a unique identity. Inside of each piece/cell, a drop self-illuminates and resonates with the entire work. »

In each of the round sculptures in Triny Prada’s installation can be seen a row of bodies, or rather cockpits, with deliberately allusive shapes, symbolizing the individual and the organism, the humanity and the biotope, moved by an enigmatic and original force, their genesis and the essence and mystery of life.

As an artist, Triny Prada does not ask questions. By using glass, her work, which also uses various media; from photography to video, from happenings to thread drawings, pursues a reflection upon the metaphysics of time and destiny. Her installation Invisible Powers therefore presents small altars of wonderment and meditation, of protective force and pure light, like a complicity, or a secret. Everyone can feel in themselves an ability to access this gentle power of art which always recalls the finitude of life and the infinite presence of mind.




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