Laurent Grasso – OttO

Opening Thursday September 6, 4pm – 9pm September 6 – October 6, 2018 Perrotin Paris Structured around a set of brand-new works and around the eponymous film, the exhibition interconnects sacred spaces, animistic beliefs and scientific theories. Each of these […]

Focus / Jos Näpflin

Deconstructing the present is the path to understand reality. Jos Näpflin’s empiricism highlights the analysis of his environment : an object or an experience can lead to a reappropriation or a reinterpretation through 

Maurizio Cattelan

Chris Wiley: For your retrospective All last year at the Guggenheim, you hung every work you’ve ever made from a massive armature in the middle of the rotunda. It was like a giant puppet show or an elaborate mobile—a work […]

Vidya Gastaldon

Kathleen Buehler:  How do your works relate to the world we’re living in or to the reality we perceive? Would you say that you depict a possible different world or a world we can dream about, or that you are showing […]

Just as the daylight was fading

In Summa Theologica, Thomas Aquinas distinguished « the vice of curiosity » from « studiousness » as the reason is studiously focused on the object. Although « the knowledge of truth is good in itself, this does not prevent a man from misusing the knowledge […]

Beyond the visible

In L’Image ouverte1, Georges Didi-Huberman makes a distinction between the « visible » and  the « visual ». The author warns against the superficiality of the visible, which attaches a screen to the visual, therefore the viewers are deprived of their own personal projection […]

Focus / Rodrigo Arteaga

Rodrigo Arteaga’s work deals with the degrees of nature representation. The artist’s creation process is at the intersection of disparate sciences or knowledges such as anatomy, botany, cartography and astronomy.




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